Jorhat District Administration

1 Static Centre JMCH
2 Static Centre Niramoy N. Home
3 Static Centre AG Nursing Home
4 Static Centre Sanjivani N. Home
5 Static Centre Baruah Surgicals
6 Static Centre Satyam Hospital
7 Static Centre K.G.M.Nursing Home
8 Static Centre Medicure Centre Jorhat
9 Static Centre Jorhat Lions Eye Hospital
10 Static Centre Jorhat Christian Medical Centre
11 Static Centre Jorhat Stadium
12 Static Centre BB Dispensary
13 Static Centre Railway station
14 Bhogamukh BPHC Bhogamukh PHC
15 Kakojan BPHC Kakojan PHC
16 Kakojan BPHC Teok FRU
17 Kakojan BPHC Jhajimukh SD
18 Kakojan BPHC Chenijan MPHC
19 Nakachari BPHC Nakachari PHC
20 Nakachari BPHC Nakachari M.Hospital
21 Nakachari BPHC Salenghat MPHC
22 Titabor BPHC Titabor SDCH
23 Titabor BPHC Borbamchungi MPHC
24 Titabor BPHC Melamati MPHC
25 Titabor BPHC Bekajan MPHC
26 Titabor BPHC Urongial MPHC
27 Titabor BPHC Raidangjuri MPHC
28 Titabor BPHC Mohimabari MPHC
29 Titabor BPHC Samoguri MPHC
30 Titabor BPHC Borhulla CHC
31 Titabor BPHC Tipomia SD
32 Solmora BPHC Solmora PHC
33 Solmora BPHC Dhekorgorah MPHC
34 Solmora BPHC Kolbari SD
35 Solmora BPHC Puranimati SHC
36 Solmora BPHC Ownamukh SD
37 Solmora BPHC Naborachuk MPHC
38 Solmora BPHC Tankeshwar S.MPHC
39 Solmora BPHC Gorumora MPHC
40 Solmora BPHC Debnath Sarma MPHC
41 Solmora BPHC Kasogoral MPHC
42 Baghchung BPHC Baghchung PHC
43 Baghchung BPHC Mariani CHC
44 Baghchung BPHC Mariani MPHC
45 Baghchung BPHC Attapam MPHC
46 Baghchung BPHC Pokamura MPHC
47 Baghchung BPHC Dahotia SD
48 Baghchung BPHC Jalukonibari SD
49 Baghchung BPHC Chungi Kohar Model Hospital
50 UPHC Mariani Urban
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